Perk Events allow you to win rewards and benefit from specific perks while they are active. Based on their type Perk Events can be categorized as:

  1. Bonus - during these events a global perk is active for all commanders in the server. The possible perk bonuses include:

    • General XP - defeating encounters will award an additional amount of General XP based on the bonus %.
    • Build Speed - Build and develop your base faster
    • Recruit Speed - Recruit troops faster and amass an unstoppable army
    • Resource Production Rate - Produce resources at higher rates and expand your base even further
    • Resource Gather Speed - Gather resources from world map mines faster

    Note: The Bonus effects of the Build, Recruit and Gather speed only affect processes that were started after the bonus event begins.

  2. Objective - during these events additional rewards can be received by performing specific objectives. The specific Objectives include:

    • Encounter Battles - win rewards every time you defeat a specified amount of encounters
    • Resource Production - win rewards every time produce a specified amount of resources in your base
    • Resource Gather - win rewards every time you gather a specified amount of resources from mines
  3. Investment - during these events using Gold or Speeding Up will earn you points and Vault Keys that can be used to open the Vault Door and the amazing rewards behind it. The Investment events include:

    • Gold - Use your gold during the "Prosperous Growth" event to earn points and get awesome rewards
    • Time - Use speed up items and gold to speed up production queue time during the "Rapid Growth" to earn points and unlock huge rewards

    Keep in mind that the "Free" finish of Construction and Crafting timers does not count towards the time that is sped up during the "Rapid Growth" event.

    Note: Perk Events do not have Global or League Leaderboard ranking.

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