Alliances can form Diplomatic Relations between each other. Diplomacy status can only be set by an Alliance member that has clearance Level 4+. If no Diplomacy status is set between two alliances then the Diplomacy status will be set to Neutral by default.

Diplomacy types:

Neutral - This is the default diplomacy type. It does not bring any additional bonuses. Neutral Alliance Territories have grey outline on both Strategic and Normal Map

Enemy - This diplomacy type is used to define hostile alliances. Several debuffs are applied when performing actions in Enemy territories

  • 33% Slower resource gather speed
  • Faster Base burning time upon successful attacks

Friend - Alliances that you don't consider a threat can be designated as Friendly. Their territory and borders will be marked yellow. Should a member of one alliance try to attack a member of a friendly alliance he will be notified that the action he is trying to take is aggressive

Coalition - This Diplomacy status requires a confirmation from the Alliance you are trying to form diplomatic relation with. An alliance can form Coalition with a maximum of two other alliances. Forming a Coalition brings the following bonuses to members of the respective alliances:

  • Coalition members have a 66% bonus to their gathering speed when gathering from mines on coalition territory
  • Alliance members in coalition will not be able to perform hostile actions such as attacking or scouting each other until the Diplomatic Relation is changed
  • All benefits that apply for being positioned on your own alliance territory will apply to coalition territories as well

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