Perks allow you to increase the effectiveness of your Heroes by investing Perk Points in order to gain specific passive benefits. Whenever your Heroes level up, an amount of Perk Points will be awarded to them. Each Hero's Perk Tree consists of 12 Perks in total, which are spread across the Tree in sets of 2. Whenever a Hero reaches the required level you can choose to Activate one of the two unlocked Perks.

Note: Benefits, gained from perks, will only apply when the Hero is leading a march and will only benefit the march that is lead by the specific Hero.

Perk Activation

At specific Hero Levels you will gain access to a pair of Perks. You will only be able to Activate and benefit from one of the Perks from that pair. The Perk activation itself does not require Perk Points. Upgrading Perks will increase its benefit value and is done using Perk Points and other resources, such as Crafting Parts.

Perk Reset

A Perk Reset can be performed in order to Activate a Perk that you did not previously choose (in favor of another). The Reset will deactivate all Perks that were previously activated. Additionally the Reset will not Refund the Perk Points that were invested previously, but will NOT reset the Level to which they were upgraded. This means that if you perform multiple resets the Upgrade Level of all Perks remains unaffected.

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