Every player can Create or Join an alliance in Instant War. Creating an Alliance requires (200) Gold and can be done easily by selecting the Alliance button on the main command interface and after which, tap on the Create button. The Alliance creation interface allows for various customization to chose from.

  • Alliance Tag: This is your short alliance designation. It's better to be a derivative of your main name but it's not a requirement. The tag should be exactly 3 characters using numbers and letters. Alliance TAGs are unique on the server so you can't use an already existing one.
  • Alliance Name: This is your personal alliance name. It should be between 3 and 16 characters using numbers and letters. Names are unique and you can't use an already existing one.
  • Alliance Logo: Tap on the picture to bring up a list of all available logos and choose the one you like. Everyone else will see it when checking your alliance.
  • Alliance Slogan: This step is optional. Write any message you like in there or just leave it empty it's up to you. Total character limit is 300
  • Language: This will indicate what is your primary communication language for your alliance. Don't worry that doesn't restrict entrance in any way and language speaker can enter regardless.
  • Alliance Privacy: Look at this option as a gate for your alliance. Depending on the setting this will control who goes in the alliance.
    • Open: Anyone can join... if meets the Entry Requirements defined bellow
    • Approval: Anyone can apply, if meets the Entry Requirements defined bellow. But in order to be accepted in the alliance should be manually approved by a high clearance member first
    • Closed: This doesn't allow outside players to neither join or apply for joining. Members can be added only by Invitation from an existing alliance member.
      TIP: Commander know that you can invite any player and this will ignore all Entry Requirements set for that alliance
  • Entry Requirements: Entry requirements let you filter out candidates that don't meet the requirements that you set for their general level, HQ level or their total Force

All of these properties can be changed at any time after you've created your alliance, by going through Alliance > Manage Alliance > Alliance Properties

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