Government Titles can bring both great power or despair to each of the Commanders selected by the Prime-Minister. The Minister titles provide the selected commanders with great benefits, whereas the Fugitive titles are given to the enemies of the Prime-Minister and apply negative effects to their cities. The titles can be given to anyone in the world and only the Prime-Minister can choose who to get which title.


1 Interior: Build Speed bonus
2 Defence: Military Power bonus
3 Agriculture: Gather bonus
4 Industry: Resource Income bonus
5 Transport: Army Movement bonus
6 Health: Recovery bonus
7 Energy: PvE bonus
8 Education: Science bonus


1 Geezer: Army Movement penalty
2 Chicken: Recovery penalty
3 Traitor: Military Power penalty
4 Slacker: Build Speed penalty
5 Worm: Gather penalty
6 Puinching Bag: Science penalty
7 Ankle Bitter: PvE penalty
8 Lunatic: Resource Income penalty

Note that once a Title has been canceled there will be a cool-down of 4 hours before a Commander can be given that Government Title.

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