Win mind-blowing rewards from the amazing Bronze, Silver and Gold Lottery wheels. The Lottery Wheels can be accessed from the "LOTTERY" button on your main command interface. Each of the wheels comes with its own set of rewards and tickets. The Lottery interface allows you to view each of the following wheels, their rewards and your currently available tickets for each:

Bronze Lottery - offers a fine selection of great rewards, that can be won by using Bronze Lottery Tickets or purchasing them from the store.

Silver Lottery - a moderate selection of grand rewards, that can be won by using Silver Lottery Tickets.

Gold Lottery - a special Lottery Wheel with mind-blowing rewards that can be won during specific events by using the Gold Lottery Tickets.

Lottery Spins

Free Spin - Every day a Free Single Spin is available at the lottery for each active wheel. The Free spin does not consume tickets from your inventory and resets after a specific amount of time. Single Spin - This Spin requires a Ticket for the respective Wheel to be used for it. Multi Spins - The Multi Spin allows you to spin a wheel in exchange for discounted amount of tickets compared to the single spin.

Lottery Rewards

Every wheel has its own rewards, which depending on the wheel might be better than others. Once you spin a wheel and get an amazing reward, the rewards of that specific wheel will refresh - this means that the previous reward pool will replaced by a new one. Whenever a multi-spin is used all of the multi-spin rewards will come from the same rewards pool. The rewards pool refresh will not occur before the multi-spin cycle is complete, which also means that you have a higher chance of getting multiple instances of a given item from the wheel.

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