Our Research and Development teams' efforts in the field A.I. Technology lead to the invention of the A.I. Enhancement Modules. These special modules allow our troops to exceed the limits of their combat capabilities. Every troop type (Infantry, LSV, Armored, UGV and Artillery) can gain amazing benefits from four specific module types:

Firepower Module

Armor Module

Mobility Module

PvE Damage Module

All Modules that you obtain and equip will be stored and used in the Tech Development in your Base. The main Module command interface gives you access to all available Module sockets. Each troop type has a unique socket for each of the available bonuses, making a total of 20 available module sockets. Whenever you earn a Module an indication on the Tech Development building will inform you that a module is available and can be put in its respective socket. Once the module is put in the socket, you can use other compatible modules that you acquire to upgrade it and increase its bonuses even further. Compatible Modules are the ones that share the same troop and bonus type as the Module that you are upgrading. For example an Infantry Firepower module can only be upgraded using other Infantry Firepower modules that you obtained. Your non-equipped modules can be found in the Items inventory > Army category, under the Modules filter.

Whenever you collect enough modules for an upgrade an additional indication will appear over the Tech Development building. Once you enter the Modules command interface you can select the specific Module and view the benefits it will provide on the next level, as well as the amount of modules and time required for the upgrade. You Tech Development's Crafting Queue can be used for the Module Upgrade process, just make sure it is not busy when you start the upgrade. Once an upgraded is started you can use Gold or Crafting Speedup items to skip the upgrade time.

Note: Enhancement Module bonuses will also benefit your Troops when participating in the World Domination event.

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